Tomok is a famous location listed in many tourist guidebooks in Asia and Europe. After tourists arrive at the gateway of Polonia airport in Medan or Belawan harbour, they can continue on up to Lake Toba and Tomok on Samosir island.

It is a famous tourist attraction with King Sidabutar’s sold tombs. Tomok was the seat of King Sidabutar’s power. These tombs were made from carving stone for hundreds of years. They are visited by many tourists every day.

According to the tourism guide, the land around Tomok was taken under control by King Sidabutar, his officials and heirs many years ago. Because he was a wise king he was able to motivate his people to work daily and to uphold the natural sacred values of the three principles (Dalihan Natolu) as a general cultural philosophy of the Batak people.

When King Ompu Soribuntu died, all his people were present to give and take the culture based on the three principles. Then the king was not buried in the ground but in the tomb carved out of the stone in the centre of the village of Tomok.